Initial Assessment and Treatment

This includes a static and dynamic evaluation to assess if your horse’s conformation could be putting strain on a particular area and to see how he moves in walk and trot. In some circumstances it is helpful to see your horse on the lunge or ridden. Thorough background notes will be taken including any previous injuries or present problems.

The therapist will give your horse a complete treatment of the whole body using a combination of ESMT, EMSMT and passive stretching to assess and treat any strain or discomfort. Aftercare advice will also be offered.

Time: Approx 2 hours

Price: £45.00


Follow Up Treatments

After the initial assessment and treatment a follow up appointment will be made. The timescale will depend on the findings of the first assessment, it may be the following week or it may be in a few months. If problem areas are found they can very rarely be fully treated in just one session, but the therapist will be realistic and take into account what your are trying to achieve with your horse.

Time depends on the scale of the problem.

Price: £35.00

Some description       Some description                     Static conformation assessment                                      Laura from Equiflexion carrying out a massage treatment

Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage

This is ideal for older horses to help keep joints mobile and induce relaxation. It is also beneficial for horses on box rest to help sustain muscle tone and reduce muscle wastage – subject to vet permission. Also a great way to treat your beloved horse!

Time: 1.5 hours

Price: £45.00 to include initial assessment

           £35.00 for subsequent treatments


Pre and Post Event Massage

Before and after a competition are crucial times and massaging and stretching the horse before an event can help your horse give you that little extra and give you the edge over your competitors. A supple, thoroughly warmed up and stretched horse can give you that extra clearance showjumping, put you a nose in front racing or give you that extra mark for your lateral work.

The post event massage is equally as important as it helps remove lactic acid and therefore reduce the risk of muscle spasms aiding a speedy recovery. Performing passive stretches is also a very quick way to assess injury.

Time & Price: Please call to discuss your requirements

For all treatments travel is free within 7.5 miles of Chester, mileage outside of this area will be charged at 45p per mile*.

Some description     Some description

                     Yawning - a sign of a relaxed horse                               Pre and post event massage can help improve performance

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Things to remember

  • Permission from your vet must be sought before any therapist can treat your horse. You can simply call your vet and ask them if they have any objections to your horse being treated and gain their permission, download the vet permission form here and ask them to sign it, or I can contact the vet on your behalf
  • Appointment should be made to avoid feeding times if on a yard
  • Horses should not be ridden straight after a treatment so appointments should be made with this in mind
  • Horses must be clean and dry
  • The owner or a responsible person must be present

Discounts for block booking and group bookings

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*This figure has been set based on the HM Revenue & Customs approved mileage rate.